thermostatic electric radaitor element

Dual Fuel Thermostatic electric heating element


Price: £120.00

If you are looking for a way to provide extra heat for your towels during the months when your main heating system is switched off then a dual fuel electric heating element can be the ideal solution.  These electric elements are easy to fit and it's simplicity itself to adapt your towel rail - each unit comes with a separate 'T-piece' so that you can have the electric element running alongside your standard hot water feed.

Stylish and functional, these elements are available in polished chrome in a range of wattage outputs. 

Fitting notes

When you are adding an electric element to your towel rail, you should only use angled valves and your pipe centres will need to be adjusted to take into account the additional width of the T-piece.

The Thermostatic element is available in two wattage outputs - if you aren't sure which element is suitable for your radiator then use the table shown below as a guideline.  You'll need to know the normal wattage output of your towel rail to work out which element you need.

Towel rail output in watts
Electric elements
Up to 480 300
481 to 1000 600